Chaos Ensues at Brady’s 40th Due to Underinflated Balloons

Today, Patriot’s fans around Boston gathered to celebrate Brady’s 40th birthday.  There were streamers, decorations, and balloons.  But an odd event occurred when all the balloons started falling from the ceiling of the downtown Hilton conference room.  Chaos ensued.

Several fans were rushed to the hospital with minor injuries due to the stampede that occurred after the decorations started falling from the sky.  One fan who tripped on an “over the hill, under the limit” balloon recounted the events for us.

“You know, I was just sitting there with my Sam Adams, minding my own business, when all these balloons started falling from the sky.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  It’s like the people at party city didn’t put enough helium in them.  How the hell do you not put enough air in those things.”

Brady’s camp declined to comment, as they said has locked in a room for the past 6 months with a tub of Jergens, a pallet of Kleenex, and a tape of the Super Bowl.


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