Steve Kerr Gets Front Row Tickets to the NBA Finals

The Warriors head coach, Steve Kerr, has been out of coaching for several months due to complications from a back surgery back in 2015.  Assistant coach, Mike Brown, has taken over the head coaching duties for the past few months.

Sunday night, we saw a familiar face on the Warrior’s sidelines.  Kerr was back “coaching,” or so the media said.  We caught up with Kerr after the game.

“Coaching, haha, you guys are hilarious.  This team hasn’t needed to be ‘coached’ since February.  I just wanted to get front row tickets to the game.  I think I took Rihanna’s seat.”

Kevin Durant and Steph Curry also commented on their skipper’s reappearance.

“He really is our number one fan,” Curry said. “I missed him so much.”

“Yeah, man, Papa Kerr is a smart man,” added Durant.  “I’m glad he’s going to see us win a championship.”

On the other hand, Cavaliers coach, Tyronn Lue, will be giving up his front row seat next year to a new head coach.


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