Durant Responds to Rihanna Stare Down

Kevin Durant hit a dagger three in the fourth-quarter and stared down to get the Warriors a win in Game 1.  After the game, Durant responded to reporters.

What was with the stare down of Rihanna after you hit that big shot?

I don’t know what you’re talking about.  Just check out the Pon De Replay.  I was just doing work.  Don’t be rude boy.

Kevin, social media is blowing up about that confrontation.  Do you have anything else to say about it?

Come one man, what’s my name? We run this town! Like I said, I don’t remember any of that.  You guys are always lying.  I love the way you lie.

Kevin, aside from Rihanna, can you comment on the defense from tonight’s game.

Oh yeah, we found Love pretty difficult to guard, but we were able to play solid D with everyone else.  The Cavs were like, “S.O.S” since they needed to be saved from our defense.  They usually are raining 3s, but tonight we brought our umbrella, ella, ella.

Ok, now you are just quoting Rihanna songs.

Nah man, I’m just out here to get a ring.  One with lots of diamonds.  Where have you been the past year? I just break the game down into little bits, like, four five seconds.  And after all this is done, I’ll get on the podium and take a bow.  Next time my contract is up, I’ll be shouting, “Bitch, better have my money!”

Here is an odd question for you, what’s your favorite Shia Labeouf movie?

Probably Disturbia, or even Man Down.  So many good ones to choose from.


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