While Tiger Woods has been in the news for an alleged DUI in Jupiter, Florida, fellow golfer John Daly was also charged with Driving under the Influence on the 12th tee box at a Florida area country club.

Witnesses say Daily pulled up to the long Par 4, dog-leg, with a 4 iron and proceeded to play air guitar around the perimeter of the tee box.  He then chugged a beer after spinning around ten times with his forehead on the end of the golf club.

“This is normal for John,” said his Caddy. “He likes to have a little fun now in then, and plus he wasn’t even driving, he used a 4-iron. We are going to fight this.  I mean if Tiger can get away with DUI, why can’t John?”

PGA officials have drug tested Daly and the results came back for alcohol, marijuana, ketamine, salvia, cocaine, bear urine, oxycontin, vicadin, LSD, psychopsilocybin, horse tranquilizers, ecstasy, birth control, and Lipitor.

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