Steph Curry Gets Free Pass for Finals

Oakland-area high school Sophomore, Steph Curry, got a free break from taking his final exams to attend the NBA Finals.  Other students at Oakland High don’t seem to be too pleased.

“I’ve worked by ass off all year only to have this teenager get to skip his finals,” said Raj Patel. “They wouldn’t let me skip any of my exams for the National Spelling Bee, but Curry gets to miss his for the NBA finals.  Blasphemy! “

History teacher Mr. Callahan weighed in on the situation.

“You know, Steph is almost a man.  I think the district made the right decision here.  History is written with exceptions, not rules, so I think we all need to let this one go.”

Finally, we could track down the Warrior’s Superstar after class on Wednesday.

“Really, man, high school!” Steph said. “I have a substantial amount of facial hair and have been the NBA MVP.  I’m not in high school.  What the hell is this?  Stop asking me these stupid questions.”

Clearly, Steph is focused on the finals and doesn’t want to be bothered.


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