Harden Forgets Rules: “I Didn’t Know this was the Elimination Game”

In a simple arithmetic error, Rockets star, James Harden, cannot understand why Houston was eliminated from playoff contention. After a dismal game 6, where the Rockets didn’t show up, reporters reminded Harden that he was done for the year.

“Nah, that can’t be true,” James said. “See you take the 2, carry the 3, and put all that over 7.  It’s simple math.  Ya’ll trippin’, I’ll see you Sunday for the next game.”

The All-Star could not be convinced that the Spurs just blew them out of the water, even without their team leader, Kawhi Leonard, who sat game 6 with an ankle injury.

StN sports dug a little bit deeper and contacted Harden’s 10th grade remedial math teacher, Mrs. Jones, who is still teaching at Artesia High School in Lakewood, California.

“James wasn’t the best student, but he had a heart of gold. Kids all around the school would praise him for his basketball skills, but make fun of him for his grades.  He would ignore them and never got defensive.  I think those skills translates to the NBA today.”

Well James, here is a simple math question from the fans.  6>2.  That is, six turnovers is greater than two made FGs.  Add that to the MVP resume.


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