During a pivotal game 5 in the Celtics-Wizards series, Boston Fans were heard chanting “Fuck You, Oubre!”  This stems from a recent ejection received by Oubre for charging at the Celtic’s forward, Kelly Olynyk, earlier in the series.  While the harsh jeers aren’t an indicator of the overall sentiment of the city, some people feel Oubre got what he deserved.

“That dude is wicked awful,” said Mikey Thomas, a Boston native, about Kelly Oubre. “He got what was comin’ to him.  Hey, at least we weren’t racist about it, right?  Give us some credit for that.”

His friend, Johnny chimed in.

“Hey yo Mikey! You’re 100% right.  That light-skinned could have never took on Olynyk.  I mean, white Kelly looks like he should be Thor’s stunt double, know what I’m sayin’? But like by bro Mikey said, a positive thing is we aren’t racist! I mean the Sox incident last week was just a few bad eggs.  We accept all sorts of people in Boston. Oubre, or should I say ‘ew gay’, deserved it.  Fuck that guy!”

Our reported decided to head to the library afterwards.  He decided he need to read some books to gain back the IQ points he lost from the interview.

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