Capitals Forgot to Teach Ovechkin Heimlich Maneuver

After another disappointing exit from the playoffs during a promising season, the Washington Capitals Owner came out with a statement.

Every year, we have a First Aid-CPR/AED class with the Red Cross.  It’s usually about half a day long.  During this year’s training session, though, our captain, Ovechkin, had to run to the bathroom during the portion of the class where they taught the Heimlich maneuver.  The rest of his teammates learned how to stop someone from choking, but sadly, Ovechkin did not.  We are making it mandatory for all players next year to learn the Heimlich.

There you have it, Ovechkin never learned how to stop himself from choking.  The Capitals are currently giving out free golfing lessons to the team to prepare for the long offseason.


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