The Naked Truth: McElwain Denies Reports He Posed Nude with Marine Wildlife

University of Florida head football coach, Jim McElwain, has been under fire, recently, for alleged photos of him posing naked, on a shark.  McElwain and the university have denied these claims, but a new photo has surfaced protesting McElwain’s innocence.unnamedAs seen here, McElwain, is straddling an alligator, bareback.  University of Florida officials immediately made a statement after the photo surfaced.

“Jim is our coach.  He is a proud Florida Gator.  When he goes to concerts, or shows, he doesn’t clap; he does the “gator chomp.” His blood bleeds blue and orange, just like the rest of us in Gainesville.  We cannot deny these allegations anymore.  Jim has a serious disease.  He likes posing for risqué photos with marine wildlife.  In his office, we found pictures with manatees, dolphins, and even a blue whale.  While the university investigates, we hope to respect Jim’s private struggle, he doesn’t want any more public exposure.”

We couldn’t reach the head coach, but sources say Jim was last seen at a local screening of “Free Willy.”


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