The Boston Red Sox have replaced their longstanding bat boy, DeShawn Johnson, with fan favorite, Cody Goldstein.  The director of hiring, at Fenway, Melinda Jones, gave us an inside look at the situation.

“DeShawn has been great for us over the past few years.  He hustles, is well-spoken, and is an overall class act, but the fans weren’t very fond of him.  To be honest, I think he put out too much confidence and made the fans feel uncomfortable.”

DeShawn is now being heavily recruited by the 29 other MLB teams, per sources.  When it comes to the new batboy, Cody Goldstein, Jones says he doesn’t have much experience, but has lots of potential.

“The kid is a natural.  He’s not as physically gifted as some of the other bat boys out there, but he truly is a gym rat.  He works hard, he’s smart and has a solid head on his shoulders.  I think he has plenty of future ahead of him and the fans will adore him.”

Outside sources confirmed with Brady, Edelman, and Hogan at the Kentucky Derby, that the Patriots will be heavily recruiting Goldstein for a slot wide receiver role in the fall.

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