Draymond Green’s Flailing Leg Named MVP of Warriors-Jazz Series

With 3-0 series lead against the Jazz, the Warriors have appointed their western conference semi-finals MVP, Draymond Green’s flailing leg.  So far, the leg has drawn eight fouls, six blocks, and four turnovers. We asked interim coach Mike Brown about the team’s decision.usp-nba_-playoffs-oklahoma-city-thunder-at-golden1.jpg

“We couldn’t ask for a better extremity than Green’s right leg.  He injured it in game 2, but the leg can’t be stopped.”

Team leaders, Kevin Durant and Steph Curry also weighed in on the team decision.

“I can’t even imagine our team without Green’s leg,” Durant said.  “Raiders, 49ers, if you need a punter, you know who to call.”

“I have a lot to learn from Green’s leg,” the former MVP, Curry, added. “If Draymond’s leg stays healthy, I think we have a serious shot of beating Lebron, I mean the Cavs, this year.”

Jazz players have even been game planning for Green’s leg.  We asked Rudy Gobert.

“I’ve been wearing a cup to all the games.  Yes, it’s a little uncomfortable and my range of motion is limited, but it’s the only thing that can defend the leg.”

We will continue to update the StN Sports readers with any further limb news.giphy.gif


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