Mike Greenberg to leave ‘Mike & Mike’: “I just hate being the second Mike”

Mike Greenberg is set to leave his long-standing ESPN radio show at the end of 2017 to start a new talk show that focuses on community engagement.  Many fans believe that a riff has formed between him and his co-host, Mike Golic, but Greenberg candidly told StN sports his true motives.

“After all these years, I just can’t stand being the second Mike in ‘Mike & Mike’! I deserve to be the first Mike.  It’s BS!  I deserve to be both Mikes, frankly, but the stupid producers keep telling me I can’t be the first Mike.  It’s so childish.  I’m done with this show!”

Greenberg continued his rant.

“I mean, Mike & Mike, come one.  They should have named the show the Mikes! Miked up! Anything else.  I’m sick of it.  All Golic does is eat all day and make fun of me.  It’s like middle school all over again!”

We reached out to Mike Golic, but he was face deep in a donut.


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