Lebron to Utah Jazz: “Don’t Worry, I’ll Pay All Your Fines”

Cleveland Superstar, Lebron James, offered to pay his teammates’, Dahntay Jones, $6000 worth of fines following Monday’s win against the Toronto Raptors.  James offered a statement to StN Sports.

“Dahntay, was just doing his job, getting in the Raptors head.  I can’t fault that, so I offered to pay off his fines.  In fact, I’ll even pay all of Utah’s fines if they can get under the Warrior’s skin.  I don’t know, maybe a hard foul here or there, maybe get Green suspended for the rest of the playoffs.  I’m made of money so it’s not an issue to me.”

A Jazz spokesperson reached out to us as well.

“That’s mighty nice of Lebron. We will try our best to deal with the Warriors for him. Lebron, is like, amazing.  I can’t wait to meet him someday and I really want to make him proud.”

The Warriors couldn’t be reached because they were packing their brooms for a sweep.


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