Pittsburgh Penguins All-Star and captain, Sidney Crosby sustained yet another head injury against the Washington Capitals during Monday’s win.  Currently, Crosby is undergoing further evaluation per NHL guidelines.  He was able to catch up with the StN Sports team on Tuesday.

“I don’t know what the big deal, I’m fine, let’s play some soccer.”

Our team asked Crosby to clarify his comments.

“You know, soccer, that game where you kick the puck through the goal posts.  God, you call yourself reporters. Let me break it down again.  You start off with a coin toss, it’s nine innings long, and whoever is lowest under par wins.  Unbelievable, I’m in All-Star at this game. Next, you are going to tell me that its already 2014.  Come on guys, be serious.”

Team doctors chimed in on behalf of Crosby.

“He always talks like this, it’s the norm,” said team neurosurgeon Dr. Hong.  “We just ignore it and let him play his game.”

We put Crosby in touch with Not Another Teen Movie’s, Reggie Ray, for further counseling.

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