Post-Game Interview with ‘Ithaiah Thomath’

Thomas had an amazing performance in game one of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals Sunday Afternoon, despite losing a tooth in the first half.  After the game, we caught up with Isaiah for a short interview.

Q:  Isaiah, your team had just a 39-hour turnaround from the first round to today, how did that affect your performance?

I was exthauthed.  You know, my teammateth really kept me going.  I wath tired, but we were able to pull out the win today.

Q: Tell us a little about your performance tonight and do you think you will be consistent throughout the series?

I think tho.  Conthithtenthy is key.  I need to have a few more athithts and drive to the hole more.  I think I only went thixth for theven from the thtripe.

Q: Your teammate Al Horford was one rebound shy of his first career triple-double.  How does Al’s play affect your chances of winning this series?

Well Al has been thuper for uth thith therieth. He ith an all-around threat and when he playth well, the team playth well.

Q: One last question Isaiah.  What is one odd job you wish you would have done instead of playing basketball?

Well, letth thee, my friend Thally and I alwayth dreamed of thelling theashellth by the theashore. Tho, I would thay that I wish to thell theashellths.

StN Sports is hoping Thomas ‘thuctheeds’ in Game 2.


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