Kevin Love Promoted to Ball Manager

Cavalier’s forward/ball boy, Kevin Love, has recently been promoted to Ball Manager.  His long history of being a great rebounder landed him the gig.  Love gave a statement to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

“I think this is a big step in the right direction.  I’d like to thank the Cavaliers Organization for giving me this opportunity.  I look forward to managing Lebron’s balls, Kyrie’s balls, and even Coach Lue’s balls.  My main responsibility is to make sure my teammate’s balls are clean and accounted for.  You know, I’m not sure If I’ll be able to handle that many balls at once, but I’m gonna try my hardest. Funny story, JR likes to play with his balls by his beach-front home.  He missed a few threes during a shoot-a-round and they landed in the ocean.  Man, those balls were salty!”

We were able to catch up with Lebron after a post-game interview.

“Yeah, Kev takes his new role very seriously.  We had an exhausting practice the other day and Kev made sure to clean up all our sweaty balls.”

With his new experience, Kevin is in talks for a brand-new product.

“Who decided basketballs should be orange?,” Love continued. “With my new experience as ball manager, I’m trying to start a new trend, a line of basketballs that are blue.  I’m not sure what to call them yet.”

We wish Kevin the best of luck with his new business venture and will provide you with further updates in the future.



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