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Griff Tannen, Grandson of Biff Tannen, Selected 20th Overall by Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos offensive line struggled last year, allowing their QBs to be sacked 40 times.  On Thursday night, Broncos strengthened their offensive line by selecting tackle Griff Tannen, 20th overall, out of Utah.

We caught up with Griff in the green room.

“You know, my family has been through a lot of adversity over the past century; always being portrayed as the bad guys.  Finally, we’ve got a victory that will unsully the family name.  Our future is looking bright.”

We asked Griff about his role with the Broncos.

“Well, I want to get back to the future being bright. My grandfather, Biff Tannen (seen below), always told me I was destined for success. I know I will contribute to the mile-high city.”BiffHD.jpg

Griff, brought another member of the Tannen family on stage, little Jiff Tannen.  He was the star of the night.ap_nfl_draft_football-1.jpg

Our reporters like to ask interesting questions to the rookie’s, so we asked Griff who his favorite 90’s NBA players were.

“Well that’s a tough one.  I got to say Dell, Horry, and…”

Before he could finish that horrible pun, Griff was whisked away by NFL officials


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