Roberson Feels Honored after Hack-A-Shaq Strategy Being Renamed After Him

Andre Roberson went 3-21 from the stripe following OKC’s series loss to the Rockets.  Houston used an interesting strategy to combat a quick OKC offense towards the end.  Fouling Roberson allowed Houston to slow down Westbrook and keep points off the board.  This tactic is known as the Hack-a-Shaq strategy, named after the late, great Shaquile O’Neal.  But after Roberson’s performance on Tuesday, the NBA sent out an official memo renaming the strategy “Bug-a-Scrub.”

We were able to catch up with Roberson after the game and ask him a few questions.

Q: How honored are you to be forever associated with the Bug-a-Scrub strategy?

A: “Seriously, why would you even ask me this question? Bug-A-Scrub isn’t even a thing. Is this dude for real?”

Q: Well, it kind of is.  On another note, let us into the life of a “Journeyman.”

A: You do realize I’ve only been with OKC. Alright, get this f*ckhead out of here. He ain’t know shit!

Q: Okay Andre, but let me ask you one last question.  If Shaq were with us today, rest his soul, how do you think he would feel about Hack-a-Shaq being renamed after you?

A: What do you mean if Shaq was here? Dude was doing the halftime show last night.  Are you f*cking kidding me? You think the dude’s dead?  F*ck you and your sorry ass, someone get this dude out of the locker room.  Security!”

Clearly, Roberson has a lot on his mind after that dismal performance.  His legacy will forever lie with the “Bug-a-Scrub” Strategy.  Lucky for OKC, we have reports that General Manager, Sam Presti, is a huge late 90s R&B fan.  We are sure he is going to take the wise words of his favorite band, TLC, to heart and next year, the Thunder don’t want no scrubs.


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